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Immersion separators for automotive repair & body shop

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Tiger-Vac offers a complete line of vacuum cleaner systems for the Automotive Collison Repair industry for the recovery of aluminum dust. Can also be used in the Aerospace industry for sanding and corrosion control.

Vacuum sanding kits are designed to be used in in conjunction with ventilated (vacuum assisted) sanders and grinders for point of generation dust control of aluminum dust and other contaminants.

Dry recovery systems can recover up to 5 Lbs. of aluminum dust. Immersion wet mix systems can recover up 50 Lbs. of aluminum dust. In the immersion wet mix systems the recovery and neutralization of the aluminum dust is accomplished by vacuuming the dust through a neutralizing liquid as outlined in NFPA Standard 484. Tiger-Vac recommends the use of Mineral Oil with a viscosity = 10.5 cSt as the neutralizing liquid. Water can also be used as long as the unit is equipped with hydrogen relief vent.

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1 Fume extractor for welding fumes
2 Pneumatically (air) operated models
3 Electrically operated models
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