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CD-10 EX with automatic purge system: NRTL Certified for Division 1

CD-10-EX- APS  LtL
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Powerful and impressive, CD-10 EX is one of Tiger-Vac’s most powerful vacuum cleaner system. Available with a 7.5HP or 10HP motor, this industrial vacuum cleaner is NRTL certified for Division 1, Class I, Group D T3C and Division 1, Class II, Groups F & G, dust ignition proof by CSA®/UL® for Canada and the USA. A Class II, Division 1, Group E (metal dust) motor is also available.

Cleanroom compatible and suitable for the food industry, the unit relies on an automated purge system (APS) to keep its filtration cartridges clean. Rated for continuous duty, CD-10 EX also features:

  • Delta/Star switch box for Groups E, F and G
  • Fully integrated, stainless steel AISI 304 valves for Automatic Reverse purge system
  • 4 conductive spun-bond filter cartridges or 4 conductive cloth bags with spring vibration
  • Detachable filter housing for quick replacement of filter cartridges.
  • A recovery tank that can be detached from the filter chamber, with a capacity of 160 liters (40 gallons).
  • APS control panel for 4 cartridges. Explosion proof, pneumatically (air) controlled timers. Non-explosion proof electrically controlled timers are available.
  • Optional HEPA filter assembly, downstream or upstream.
  • Available as a single-unit (with 6 wheels cart) or in two separated parts (filtration unit and motor). 

The CD-10 EX is also 3rd party certified Ex d IIB T4 Gb Ex t IIIC T135oC Db IP65, certified for providing an Equipment Protection Level of EPL Db and EPL Gb.

At Tiger-Vac, safety has no compromise. Contact our Technical Sales department or visit our website for more information: http://www.tiger-vac.com/index.php/product-line/explosion-proof/explosion-proof-three-phase.html

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