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Tiger-Vac: A safer choice for Division 2

Providing a very high protection level inside the recovery tank.
altDivision 2 poses a unique challenge when it comes to housekeeping. Equipment rated for Division 2 can be used in areas in which an explosive atmosphere is not likely to occur under normal operating conditions. However, the situation is quite different inside the vacuum cleaner, where dust accumulates and is much more likely to create an explosion hazard. The inside of the vacuum cleaner becomes a Division 1.

The inside of the recovery tank for all 
Tiger-Vac Division 2 vacuum cleaners provides a “very high protection level”, for Division 1 conditions. This allows us to evaluate and rate every aspect of our vacuum cleaners. Tiger-Vac is the only manufacturer in America using such an approach. When using a Tiger-Vac « Division 2 » vacuum cleaner, you’re not just safe: you’re safer.

Be aware: When energized, any vacuum cleaner becomes an ignition source. Some vacuum cleaners currently advertised and sold as « Division 2» but not providing the proper equipment protection level are unsafe to be used in a Division 2 classified environment. Unsafe equipment in Division 2 must be discarded as operation may lead to disastrous consequences for the workers.
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